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David Brodwin -- Background and Experience

David Brodwin - strategy, framing, sustainabilityFollowing a successful 20 year career in the management and technology consulting business, David has become a national leader in strategy and framing, focused on the non-profit sector and on sustainability issues.  

In the non-profit world, David is a co-founder of American Sustainable Business Council, a network of business associations that promotes sustainability through public policy, largely at the federal level.   Previously, he was president of New Voice of Business, another business non-profit advocacy group.   Earlier, he was executive director at Rockridge Institute, where George Lakoff, author of Don't Think of an Elephant, developed his ground-breaking ideas on political communications.  At Rockridge Institute, he worked closely with many progressive non-profits on framing and messaging issues central to their mission.

In the private sector, David was a partner in the media and entertainment practice at Accenture, the leading global management and technology consulting firm; a director at the consulting firm Arthur D. Little, where he headed the firm’s Silicon Valley practice; and a vice president of marketing at Radius, a computer peripherals company.  His areas of expertise in business consulting include marketing and positioning, business plan development, business unit strategy, corporate development, and process reengineering.

David holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BA in psychology from Harvard.